VDAC - Veterans Disabilty Application Caddy

The absolutely best chance of getting all your VA Disabilities that you are ethically entitled to.

Your information is entered into our system and then cross referenced to all known VA approved disabilities based on your location, occupation, and mishaps while you were in the active-duty military. The program will automatically generate all the completed paperwork, which will be sent to the VA.

One of the most common problems veterans experienced is connecting their health issues to the experiences they encountered during the service. Veterans were exposed to harsh chemicals, environments, and conditions that they may or may not realize are the cause of underlying health issues. Our service makes this as simple as possible to identity disabilities that you are entitled to through the VA.

This amazing application cross references the VA disabilities for presumptive conditions across six different criteria.
  1. Environment places the Veteran served
  2. Occupation veterans had while in the service
  3. Medals received by the Veteran
  4. Mishaps which are unique situations that happen to a Veteran in the line of duty
  5. Time based which are attributed to disabilities that manifest themselves within a limit time after separating from the service
  6. Secondary which are conditions that are caused from a primary condition

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